I was a junior in high school when the first iPhone was announced in 2007. And from the moment I watched that world-changing keynote, I was obsessed.

Then, with the announcement of the App Store, I knew that somehow someday, I would be a part of this global phenomenon.

And now I can officially say I checked that item off of my bucket list.


The Indianapolis Coffee Guide App

The Indianapolis Coffee Guide website is a curated guide to Indy's growing coffee community. The site and its blog provide awesome content, but I knew that coffee drinkers deserved better - and thus the app was born.

The Indianapolis Coffee app is an extension of the online guide that provides users with real-time information:

  • Find the closest cafes
  • See which shops are currently open
  • Instantly get directions using your favorite maps app
  • Get a preview of what to expect at each location
  • Discover what kind of coffee is served at each cafe

And all of this is just the beginning.

I've been working with many of the local shops and roasters, and we've got some great things coming soon to the online site and in the app. 

Excited to see where this project takes the coffee scene in Indy!

Check out the Indianapolis Coffee Guide App.