"Fall through the cracks..."

For the second year, Adobe hand-selected me to compete in Indy's second Creative Jam, a three-hour design competition hosted at Launch Fishers. At the beginning of the evening, designers and a partner were given a secret theme and 3 hours to develop a concept and bring it to life.

My design received the People's Choice Award, and my partner and I were awarded with a free one-year subscription to Adobe's full Creative Cloud suite. Check out our process & design below!




As professional designers, we work on projects of all shapes and sizes. And because each project is so unique, we can't afford to let any task or assignment "fall through the cracks."

There are a gamut of project management tools on the market that over-promise and under-deliver. All agencies operate differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution until now.


To solve this problem, we created uphill, a simple project management app to keep track of clients, creative projects, milestones, and individual tasks. 

What makes uphill different is that it provides unique customization options for every agency. By trimming away all unnecessary features, we are able to focus on a product that assists in making sure your deadlines are met and your clients are happy.

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