The Indianapolis Coffee Guide is a curated guide to Indy's growing coffee community.  

The guide started as a simple & fun concept and quickly grew into a full-blown project. There's a genuine need for something like this in our community, and I am happy to be tackling it.


Notes on the Project

For the Indianapolis Coffee Guide, I've had to put my brain to work from every angle imaginable.

While I strongly believe in data-driven decisions, I also put my faith in intuition. Both the data from my research and the intuition from my personal experiences are guiding this project forward - from the branding and PR to the UX/UI design and on-going marketing strategies. 

I owe it to the local coffee shops and roasters to produce something that helps cultivate a stronger community here in Indy. And as the project goes live and starts to grow, I'll be looking to the community to keep the guide moving forward.

Check out the Indianapolis Coffee Guide.