Weigh. Grind. Pour. Wait. Sip.

I love coffee. Like, I really love coffee. I love good local coffee so much that I started the Indianapolis Coffee Guide in 2016, and nothing has been the same since.

The original idea was simply to teach myself how to use custom databases and, in turn, create a fun site to add to my portfolio.

Within hours of creating an Instagram for the account, I was inundated with messages from local coffee roasters and cafes wondering who I was and how they could help me. And the rest is history.

The Coffee Guide Website hosts hundreds of organic visitors a month, the Instagram has 11,000 followers and growing, and the iOS app has been organically downloaded hundreds of times.

What started out as a small passion project has turned into the single biggest contributor to my career. All of my crazy ideas have presented endless challenges that have been a blast to tackle, and I’ve learned more than I could have ever hoped along the way.

Check out the projects below.

And finally: sometimes I talk about stuff in front of people.