I love helping people succeed and keep succeeding.

As a tried & true ENFP, I don’t always love having and following a process, but I know the important of following and fine tuning a necessary process. This specific process means a lot to me because I’ve fine-tuned it over the years to create some really great products that I am super proud of.

01 The Kickoff

We’ll start with a blank slate and get down into the nitty-gritty of your business, your tactics, and everything you’re doing now. Then we’ll talk about your goals and vision.

02 R&D

Research & Discovery – AKA what are your actual problems, where do they come from, and how do we solve them? AKA my favorite part.

03 Planning

Everyone needs and loves a plan of attack. This is when we will rip this process document to shreds and rebuild it to fit your project’s needs.

04 Wireframing

This is where most projects really get going. Whether we’re working together on a new website, mobile app design, or business strategy, we’ll start seeing things come to life.

05 Design

Do you like pretty things? Me too. Design means a lot of different things: sometimes it is graphics and sometimes it is designing your strategies or marketing plans. Either way, it’s pretty.

06 Development

It doesn’t matter how pretty something is if it doesn’t work. This is when we take wireframes and designs and turn them into real, usable things. Click click click.

07 Training & Testing

What good is a product is your users don’t know how to use it? This is also the best time for me to teach you how to use your new product before it goes off to the real world.

08 Blast Off

We’ve exhausted the testing and made revisions, and now we’re ready for take off! (My other favorite part.) Our hard work (and smart work) have paid off.

09 Warranty

Once you get me, you get me. I will never leave you hanging after our time together has ended. I’m always available for questions and help.

You don’t have to wait to see how this process turns out: Projects