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Adobe Audition, GarageBand

I got my first taste of podcasting back in 2007 before the iPhone even came out. I was the director of my high school’s daily video news, and I discovered that I could strip out the audio, load it onto our high school’s website, and actually publish it as a podcast in iTunes. Thus, my high school’s daily news podcast began (even though no one really had the technology to access it).

The Idea

I’ve always tossed around the idea of “Learn a Thing” as a daily random fact generator &em; which could exist on nearly any platform. It could be a twitter, a blog, an Instagram….or a podcast.

Radio has always been a passion of mine that I’ve never explored, and with the sudden popularity of podcasts, I felt that that was the natural direction I should go to.

I came up with a long list of random topics to discuss, developed a wash-rinse-repeat process of producing 3-5 minutes of audio content, and got to work.

Why It Failed

I wouldn’t say that it necessarily failed. Ultimately, I didn’t give the project enough time and attention to really see it further than the first couple of weeks. It didn’t cost me anything to make (other than the domain name), so no real loss there.

Planning and time management got the best of me.

What I Learned

I am really proud of what I created, and I definitely am going to table it for now. Maybe one day I will have more time and more resources. And while I still think it’s a good (and fun) idea for a side project, I doubt it would ever be a viable source of any sustainable income.

Check out what’s left of the podcast at LearnaThing.org