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Macros and Meal Prep eBook


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My husband and I are passive Crossfitters. We actively go to regular classes, but we’ve only recently started taking it seriously. In the Crossfit world (and other fitness realms), paying attention to your Macros &em; or macronutrients &em; and meal prepping are too huge pieces of achieving your fitness goals.

The Problem

Learning about Macros online is a struggle, to say the least. And learning how to meal prep according to macros is even harder. Free resources are scarce and unreliable. And there are endless businesses that have popped up that want us to rely on them for monthly services (at crazy monthly fees) instead of actually helping us live sustainably on our own.

Learning about Macros and Meal Prep shouldn’t this difficult, nor should it be this expensive.

The Solution

I’ve been gathering all of the solid resources I can find online and consolidating into one source of truth. And I will be presenting it as an extremely affordable eBook that makes it easy to learn everything you need to know.