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Formstack’s Online Form Builder


Senior Product Designer at Formstack


Product design, Product leadership, user testing, research, functional development, roadmapping, user journey mapping


Figma, Maze, Jira, VTO, Pendo, ProductBoard

I have a thing for online forms. I just do, okay?! I love building and designing forms. I love optimizing and tracking forms. I love everything about online forms.

When I had the chance to join Formstack as the Senior Product Designer on the Forms team, I couldn’t get started fast enough.

The Product & Process

For a year and a half, I collaborated on product ownership with the product manager and engineering manager to guide all aspects of the Forms application—from product health to future innovations.

From a design perspective, I was a full-stack designer, meaning it was my responsibility to take every project, big and small, through the full design lifecycle.

I leveraged tools like Pendo and Maze (to name a few) to gather data and insights into how Forms users were using the application. I conducted user interviews and gathered a lot of research. Then I’d find myself working on wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mock-ups that would get tested by users—internal and external—as well as picked apart with the engineering team leads. Hand-off to the engineering team typically included a number of meetings with key stakeholders which translated into functional documentation and engineering epics/tickets. Finally, I was always along for the ride to QA all new features pre- and post-release.

The Forms product supported over 16,000 paid accounts that average ~95,000 weekly active users.

The People

Besides working closely with the product manager and engineering manager, I loved getting to work alongside two different engineering teams who kept the Forms product alive and well. My background in front-end development played a huge part in our success as a team as it allowed me to speak the language, ask the right questions, and provide quick and relevant support.

Outside of the Forms product, I worked along side Formstack’s other product designers to provide regular feedback and guidance across the platform’s applications. I regularly participated and led design sprints and design activities.