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Public Water Testing Platform


Senior Product Designer at 120Water™


Product design, UX/UI, User research, Industry & competitive research, Product management, Functional documentation, Software QA, Cross-functional collaboration and leadership


Sketch, Invision, Invision DSM, Jira, Basecamp, Hotjar

Hey, do you know what’s more important than water? Literally nothing!

I was fortunate to work for 120Water™, a local startup that is changing the way we think about public drinking water. It was a wild ride to be part of the organization as they prepared for raising their Series A funding through the first year post-funding.

My position as the sole designer required constant collaboration with all company leadership and the engineering team to ensure the product roadmap was meeting customer, industry, and government-mandated needs and deadlines. It was a massively fulfilling product to work on.

120Water’s platform allows public water systems, state & federal agencies, industry partners, and schools & hospitals to keep manage their water testing and water quality practices and standards.

The Work

Because I was a team of one, no two days working on this product were the same. I was fortunate to lead all product design activities through the entire design lifecycle.

My biggest achievements at 120Water included designing a ‘Public Transparency Dashboard’ for schools to publicly release their water testing data as well as a communications feature that allows water programs to communicate directly with their end-users at a large scale. Both projects were incredibly detailed and involved meeting federal standards on many fronts, and the work was more fulfilling than I can express.

The Team

When I was hired at 120Water, I was employee 14. When I left, there were at least 70 employees. In my role, I constantly collaborated with the engineering team and also the executive leadership team.

The engineering team grew to several squads of engineers. I was responsible for collaborating with the senior engineers throughout all projects to ensure everything was being designed within technological and staffing constraints. This included writing technical documentation, providing lots of research, collaborating on engineering approaches, writing development tickets, and QAing engineering work.

Working with executive leadership was always a fun challenge because they are experts in water policy, among many other things. It was a fun puzzle to interpret the needs of our customers with them in ways that could be translated to software that was easy to use and solved massive problems for them.